Ballet in Guildford

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mrsbunnyw Fri 21-Oct-11 19:40:41

My 6 year old is keen to start ballet, probably on a Saturday morning. I am aware there are classes at Spectrum at 11:30 but don't know if they're any good? Can anyone comment or recommend any alternatives? We are in Stoughton, but I do drive. Thanks!

mypersonalfavourite Sat 22-Oct-11 20:41:17

Someone does that age group at All Saints and Onslow Village hall (same compnay) but I'm not sure about days. Definitely after school though.

Italia Conti holds saturday classes at bushy hill methodist church in merrow. They are very well regarded and as an added bonus have a fabulous little mum-run canteen with the very best saturday morning bacon sandwiches for you whilst your DD dances!

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