Advice on primary schools in Reigate & Redhill pls!

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Gracelimsh Tue 20-Sep-11 15:09:37

We live in London at the moment but have bought a house in Redhill/Merstham (Watercolour development). We are looking to move only in spring next year due to existing work commitments but are mindful that we have to apply for a place in reception for my son who turns 4 in April by mid January. I have been told by Surrey County Council that we have to be resident at our house in Redhill at the time of application. I wondered if this is correct (I'm seeking written confirmation from Surrey County Council at the moment)? We can prove that we own the house in Redhill.

Also, I wondered if anyone has any views on these schools - Merstham Primary, Furzefield and St Matthews CofE. Merstham has a good Ofsted report but is oversubscribed and I think we may be just outside the nearest school distance as per last year's Published Allocation Numbers. Furzefield and St Matthew's Ofsted ratings are only satisfactory, but the inspections were carried out a while back, so I wondered if anyone has a view on them?

The last thing is, does anyone live in the Watercolour development in Redhill and if so, which school do your kids go to?

Many thanks!

Gracelimsh Mon 23-Apr-12 14:15:01

Hi Headfairy, many thanks for your kind offer. My other ds is 2. If your nanny wouldn't mind, I know our nanny, Camelia (who's Romanian) would love to meet some other nannies in the area. Thanks again!

Gracelimsh Mon 23-Apr-12 14:16:11

P.S. Headfairy, one of my neighbours has recommended her cleaner. She will be cleaning for me on Fri, so I will let you know if she's any good!

windowcleaner1 Thu 03-May-12 12:06:20

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windowcleaner1 Tue 08-May-12 21:20:43

dentist in high street Godstone is great, i pay 47 pounds for every visit and the girls there are fab plus its got the cleanest windows in town.

MandaMilner Tue 19-Jun-12 16:02:40

hello. Don't know if you're still looking but I have a brill cleaner who I can recommend, she lives near watercolour too. Trust her with the house, children etc. Also looked at Micklefield this morning and think we're going there, st Matthews is our local and heard horror stories about it! Even in the national press.

Gracelimsh Thu 21-Jun-12 15:27:17

Hi MandaMilner, thanks, but I've found a brilliant cleaner. Micklefield is great, my ds settled very quickly and is happy there. Have you got a place yet?

Whistleforit Mon 26-Aug-13 20:37:36

Hello - this thread is so brilliant, am keen for the latest. Also thinking about move from London to Reigate/Redhill. Having read it - assuming nothing could be worse that flippin Tower Hamlets - am now terrified about schools as DD1 (almost 4) starts in London in two weeks so would have to join an established class. Dd2 is 18 months and third due Jan 2014. Any update on advice on where to look first? Really keen not to go private with three of the buggers to pay for.

Gracelimsh Tue 01-Oct-13 14:16:54

Hi Whistleforit, not sure if you have moved yet, but in case you haven't, here's an update on the schools front, from my perspective! After living here for 1.5 years, I think that probably the best local school is Holmesdale Infant School in Reigate. But you do have to live near the school and Reigate is expensive! I think you could possibly get into Wray Common Primary School, which I gather is good too, and I think you could get in if you live in the right part of Redhill (less expensive than Reigate). It all boils down (mainly) to scrutinising the school admission stats for the previous year (available on the Surrey county council website) to see how many reception places there are and what the furthest distance was from school that got a place. Of course it is trickier if you need an "in year" place and not a reception place as that will depend on whether there are any movements in the relevant year group. There is also a new school, which has only opened this year, called Lime Tree school, which was set up mainly to cater for children living on the Watercolour estate and surrounding area. They are an academy and are currently being run from a school in Reigate, with plans to move to Merstham once the school has been built there. Hope this helps!

P.S. We moved from Tower Hamlets as well!

WorrisomeHeart Tue 08-Oct-13 08:47:42

Hi Gracelimsh, thanks for updating this thread - we're contemplating a move to Earlswood so this has been really helpful. I don't know the area at all - are there any details you could give on Redhill and what it's like? We're looking at Earlswood infants initially. Thanks!

browndog Tue 08-Oct-13 17:10:53

Hi WorrisomeHeart. My twins are at Earlswood infants, and they are very happy there. I think it is a lovely school, and everyone is very friendly and approachable.

WorrisomeHeart Tue 08-Oct-13 20:14:23

Thanks browndog, that's really helpful. Did you use a nursery in the area? Also, are you living near the school, i.e. is it your nearest and were you worried about not getting in because of distance?

ParsleyLion1 Mon 21-Oct-13 08:24:16

Hi, my 21month daughter goes to Royal Earlswood nursery, she is very happy there.

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