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Farnhamparent Sat 07-May-11 00:19:08

I am a regular poster.
Please! We have around 30 children at reception age for 2011. We have all been refused our preferences and are being forced out of our village school catchment into a failed local school in special measures, due to a political agenda. The Head of the village school is supportive of our cause, but being ignored by the council.
The council are expanding this school in special measures because is becoming no longer viable. It will take at least 3 years to improve it, and throwing more children at it is illogical. It needs time to cope, improve, and this is NOT the time to double its intake.
We would actually accept any local school able to cope and offer a decent standard of education for our children.
We want to demand on behalf of all parents that a child should be able to go to his/her local school and have the opportunity to a good education.
PLEASE HELP US. You do not have to give your full address. There are so many signing, your name will not be obvious.

oldenoughtowearpurple Sat 07-May-11 00:25:44

Sorry but I would at least like to know which schools you are talking about before considering signing. Can you tell us more?

Farnhamparent Sat 07-May-11 00:41:59

The school that is our nearest is the Bourne Community School. It is walking distance (I can see it from my house). The school we have been assigned is Pilgrims Way. We would actually take any local 'coping' school - st Peters, Potters Gate etc.... But we want our local community school as it is a tight knit community and we all know and play and walk to nursery with each other. As I said, the Head is supportive, the council has it's own agenda.
We don't want to upset the existing pupils at PW - we are sure the school will improve - but this is not the time to be doubling the PAN when the school infrastructure is not up to it. If it had improved to satisfactory, we would probably go there. But not this year. It is too much of a risk when you want the best ( or somewhere near) for your child. I guess we are rallying against that old issue of 'let our kids go to their local school' too.

MissRedIndie Sat 07-May-11 10:46:49

Bump, and I've signed for you! Good luck!

Farnhamparent Sun 08-May-11 00:11:06

Thank you so much. Every signature counts.

Farnhamparent Mon 09-May-11 13:57:19

Bumpity bump!

pinkchesterdog Fri 09-Sep-11 16:35:48

We are moving to Farnham in the next few months and have been allocated a place for my daughter (Yr 1) at Pilgrims Way as it is the only school with a place available. (The house we are moving into has children who are currently at the Bourne Infants.)
What happened after the petition.....did parents accept their children's places at Pilgrims Way, or choose alternatives, Private Education?
Children went back to school this week, how was the first week?
I would love to know more information.

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