Cleaner needed.

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rubitout Sun 06-Feb-11 20:21:19

Does anyone have either a cleaner needing some extra hours or any suggestions as to where I could find someone hard-working and reliable for 6ish hours per week. We've recently moved into the area and been doing it ourselves but my husband has had enough of ironing his own shirts.....

rubitout Sun 06-Feb-11 20:22:15

Sorry meant to say we are just off the Epsom Road.

MissRedIndie Sun 20-Feb-11 20:03:38

Hi there, I have a great cleaner who I've been using for a couple of years (recommended by a friend who still uses her), she's Polish and just finished studying at Surrey uni. We're central to the town centre too so I reckon Epsom Road would suit her. Perhaps if you can give me your number I can pass your details on to her and she can call you?

emcb Sat 15-Oct-11 09:32:55

hi there - I know this is an old post & sorry to barge in on it, but I'm also looking for a good cleaner & am struggling to find one. We've just moved here & don't really know where to start! thanks very much for any help you can give.

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