Anyone in Farnham?

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Kiwitk Mon 02-Aug-10 21:06:21


New to this site, and interested in meeting other mums in the area, I'm 40 - have 13 mth old son and number two (girl they think!) due 8th Nov this year. Be great to meet other mums for playdates, coffee etc

If anyone knows of any good groups/meet ups that'd be great too.


EmmaLC Mon 02-Aug-10 23:17:44


I'm Emma I live in Ash Vale, I have 3 children aged 6, 4 (both will be at scool from September), and a little girl 14 months, I am also expecting at the end of November. It would be great to meet somebody with younger children as most of our friends have older children, it is only me who has kept having them oops! I am 30. I get to have another peek to see if they know what this one is again on Friday.

Fond Regards


NCT group in Farnham is good, if you are on facebook search for NCT FARNHAM, ALDERSHOT & DISTRICT BRANCH.

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