Strongly thinking of home schooling...... looking for info/advice

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kandm Thu 15-Apr-10 19:09:39

We are strongly considering home schooling/educating and need to know more.... we are looking for lots of information from anyone who has experience of home schooling their children from age 5yrs - especially if you have home schooled 2 children of different ages!

Any experienced help appreciated! smile

lolapoppins Sun 16-May-10 19:32:06

Hi, just seen this.

I home ed my ds, can give you loads of info if you want to cat me?

throckenholt Mon 17-May-10 13:58:11

we have just started HE our 8 year old DS - so don't have any specific experience. There is a yahoo group for Norfolk home educators, and also a suffolk one - that might be a useful place to start.

kandm Thu 17-Jun-10 11:24:14


Thank you - we will check them groups out if we can find them.... will try google!

Our main concern is how we will get on having two children 2 years apart - we feel very very strongly about home schooling but also do not want to fail them!!! confused

Have tried to contact u via private message - but am new to this website and not sure how?????


Kate & Martin

mumoffunkids Mon 12-Jul-10 13:08:36


I am new to this web site but I homeschool my 5 children and apart from playgroup/pre-school none of them have ever been to school. The eldest is now 10 and the youngest is 2. Feel free to contact me.

artbeasts Fri 17-Sep-10 15:18:14

Hi All

I've just taken my 5yr old out of school (that's the second school) and have wildly swinging emotions every day about my capabilities! Anyone else have this?!

I don't think it helps that most people really don't get it, so support is slim. I don't mind being an outsider myself but the idea that I'm impressing this on my children is soul destroying. I just want them to develop a passion for life and learning that I feel school can stifle.

If anyone has any info on meetings and/or activities for home eds in Norfolk/Suffolk I'd love to know.



Parsley1 Wed 06-Oct-10 11:32:16

Hi, you might find this website usefull
I have several friends who have successfully home educated between 2 and 5 children each.
Go for it!

sevendwarves Mon 24-Jan-11 22:33:11

We're not at that stage yet, DS is 2.7 but we definately plan to HE. I'm already a member of the Suffolk HE group on yahoo, there always seems to be loads of activities taking place.

Have you looked at the HE threads on the main mumsnet talk section? I've found people there seem to be very kind and helpful.

BaadRobot Sat 19-Feb-11 21:46:16

I HE'd one child up until very recently. Hope these links help, I was on the WNHE one and there were always lots of events and meet-ups going on. /

MsMia Mon 07-Mar-11 22:37:40

Hey, I'm new on the boards (registered about 2 min ago ) and although it's not something I need to figure out right now, I would like to home school my two girls.

I'd like to ask a few general questions and I appreciate all your responses.

What problems/perks have you run into with home schooling?

How do people react to you homeschooling?

What's the main reason you home school?

sarahrafael Wed 16-Mar-11 15:53:21

Just registered what is ds? and does anyone know anyone I can chat with about home schooling in the surrey area.

Many thanks

bumblebear25 Wed 13-Jun-12 22:26:35

I am on the Norfolk Yahoo group and actually find them very "clicky". I'm going to try another network.

Holmesgill Fri 06-Jul-12 13:21:04

I'm new to mums net and would welcome getting together with any mums thinking of home schooling their kids in the Twickenham area.
I can't seem to find any groups. Any help most appreciated smile

seven77 Sun 15-Jul-12 22:12:56

holmesgill the best way to find local groups is to join HE-UK and ask on there.

kidamo Tue 19-Mar-13 02:27:37

Holmesgill, are you still home educating and still in the Twickenham area? Would love to find our more if you are! smile

Missintrigue1982 Thu 02-Jan-14 22:26:11

Looking for home ed mums in tower hamlets

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