Baby Development

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lizq Thu 10-Dec-09 13:04:20

Baby Development

Hi Everyone,

did you know that uptil the age of 2 the brain continues to develop so much that some experts in development call from 0 - 2 yrs a 'fourth trimester' !!

I am currently working as a GP in Haverhill and am on a course studying child development through the Tavistock Clinic in London. As you may imagine, there is only so much one can get from books! so we are required to see a baby growing up, from birth to the age of 2. I aim to be just in the background in a friendly way, so that the mother and baby - and any other member of the family who is present - may just follow their usual routine.

Would anyone expecting their baby , and living in/near Clare be interested in discussing this further? please get in touch and we could meet for a coffee!

I realise that consenting to such a commitment requires considerable generosity on the part of the parents. Agreeing to the observation offers no tangible return, but comments from mothers and fathers who have been observed show they have found it a rewarding experience and it has heightened their appreciation of their child's development.

many thanks !


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