I'm moving to Shotley Peninsular from London...

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LittleOtik Tue 07-Jul-09 16:47:53

Can anyone recommend a removal company please?

needacoldshower Sat 08-Aug-09 17:37:45

Sorry - no idea.
But if you fancy meeting up for a coffee and a natter when you get here, let me know!
Ive not lived in ipswich long ( although do know the area) and am finding it really difficult to meet new friends.
Anyway - hope the move goes well.

LittleOtik Mon 17-Aug-09 17:08:01

Hi needacoldshower, thanks for replying! We should be in Suffolk mid-September and I'll probably do something crazy like post a meet-up message which everyone will ignore! (please don't...)

What brought you to Ipswich? We're simply escaping London with our 2 DCs (aged 3 and 8 months).

allaboutme Mon 17-Aug-09 17:24:31

I live in Ipswich too! We moved here from London 2 years ago and are very happy here.
I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old.
I've found tons of things to do here with the boys, so feel free to get in touch with me when you arrive if you feel like it!

I can recommend Bobs Transport who moved us. Very friendly and the move went really smoothly.
They are based in Brighton (I went with them on a recommendation from a friend who lives there) but they do jobs elsewhere too. If you google them you should find the telephone number smile

PiperG Mon 17-Aug-09 20:52:54

Hello all, sorry to slightly hijack this thread, but I was wondering how you are finding Ipswich, allaboutme - we too are thinking about moving there from London, with our two DCs, aged three and a half and 21 months, but having HUGE dilemmas about whether to do it or not! DPs family are there but otherwise we do not know anyone ... and how are you feeling about moving, LittleOtik? We want a more relaxed easy life for us and our kids but also so used to the hustle and bustle of London that I'm afraid that Ipswich will seem very quiet ...

LittleOtik Mon 17-Aug-09 21:00:31

Hijack away!

Actually we are out of London already, staying with relatives in Essex until our house purchase completes, so gradually creeping towards Suffolk.

Do it do it do it PiperG

I was SO sad about leaving London, loads of friends, really happy life generally... and although I've only been out a couple of weeks I haven't missed it once. I am so excited about our new house, garden, the countryside, picking blackberries, going sailing, etc etc... (we are going properly rural, a complete change. Who knows, we might hate it - but DH and I are both v v happy right now).

Likewise our only connection to the area is DH's family.

And hello allaboutme - would love to know what fun things you and your boys do.

PiperG Mon 17-Aug-09 21:20:21

Wow, LittleOtik, you are very brave - we have thought about doing the proper rural thing but not quite ready for that! It does sound rather blissful ... us too though have really a very happy life in London, and it's a bit scary to give all that up to go somewhere else where we don't really know anyone, and have to start again. It's sooo hard to make these kinds of decisions - feels like such a huge one, such a life change, cos if we didn't like it it would be very hard to come back again. I feel as if I need a fairy godmother to advise me or tell me it'll all be OK ...

LittleOtik Mon 17-Aug-09 21:28:10

Yes it is a huge decision and definitely a life change. When we were actually having to make decisions about putting our house on the market and so forth, I just wanted to be a child again and for someone else to decide for me! It would have been so much easier. I'm quite happy following instructions.

Schooling was quite a big deal though. We didn't have much to look forward to for our children in the area we were in.

(The real thing that made me realise it was the right thing for me was, if I asked myself "if any of my friends were doing this now and I was staying in London, how would I feel?")

sophiapaull Mon 13-Sep-10 19:59:51

Hi, I moved to Ipswich from London also. Such a big changem but a breath of fresh air also (literally). I can recomend Kello Transport. I havent got the details for them anywhere though sorry. They even lifted all our furniture up and down the stairs in the house bless em! Also as we were new to the area we dont have family here to babysat but we found this good little company called the suffolk babysitting company you might want to look into, especially if you need a night out with the DH after all the stress of the move! Soph x

strawberry17 Thu 30-Sep-10 08:09:14

I am Suffolk born and bred and lived in Shotley for 8 years, I know the peninsular and Ipswich really well, it's a lovley lovley part of the world, rural but Ipswich on the doorstep, great schools as well.

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