Sick of researching twin bl%&dy buggies

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AngeLamb Tue 15-Jul-08 21:07:08

Hi can anyone help I have spent hours looking online at twin buggies, comparing weight, width, seat positions, shopping baskets..... etc I am driving myself and my husband mad with my incessant and tedious deliberating over the suitablility of each.
Which would be my 'dream' buggy, meeting the every need of myself my twins and my toddler?!

Mountain Buggy Urban Double
Out n About Nipper 360 Double
Red Castle Shop n Jog
XTS Twin Twister 2006
Bertini 4x4 Steerable
Today I decided the best thing to do was go and look at a few in order to test them out to see which I should go for, however therein lies the problem, where can I go to see these buggies in East Anglia?

Unless I'm mistaken Mothercare, Boots, John Lewis don't stock these, and the large Babyland store in Rackheath only stock the Nipper.

So does anyone know of a shop that might stock at least some of the ones I am interested in.

Yours hopefully

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