thought it might be an idea to pool resources about places to take the kids out near us..

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bunnyhunny Sun 27-Jan-08 10:59:03

I live near cambridge / newmarket and can suggest:
linton zoo (cambs)
kidsplay (softplay in bury)
baylham barns (nr ipswich)

any other ideas? does anyone know of a petting zoo nearby?

clairemaeve Fri 01-Feb-08 19:26:17

Wroxam barns is a petting zoo although it is a bit of a drive. More of weekend thing perhaps.

Does anyone live in Wymondham and know of any good baby groups to go to? I've only just moved to the area. Also, if anyone could recommend a childminder in the Wymondham area that would be great too.

spikejack Fri 26-Sep-08 00:37:17

Only just seen this thread so it may not be of any use to you now, but I live near Bury St Edmunds / Newmarket.

I recently took my Toddler and 3 month old baby to a soft play in Saffron Walden called 'Tumble Down'. Its lovely, with lots for BOTH of them to do and the slides are not nearly as scary some I've seen at other venues!!

Shepreth Wildlife Park is very nice too, although a little pricey, I found.

There are some soft play sessions held at Mildenhall, Brandon and Newmarket leisure centres - you'd need to contact the individual centres for exact days and times.

There are also lots of Parent and Baby / Toddler groups. I went to a good one in Stetchworth (just outside Newmarket) for 2 years with my DS1. I stopped going after I had DS2 (now 4 months) as DS1 has just started Pre-School and it's virtually impossible to fit it all in a week!! I may start it up again soon though, when I've got myself sorted!!

Will post some more bits as I think of them.

mandurah Thu 25-Feb-10 11:00:55

Perfect indoor play area in Hemsby, and it is Free Entry! You do have to go up some stairs, but it is ideal for families and small children. They do a special toddler and parent/guardian morning every Tuesday from 9.30am to 1pm, and it cost £2.50..but you get unlimited free hot drinks and soft drinks for the kiddies! MB's Fnhouse, Beach Road, Hemsby
Tel 01493 732635

isdances Thu 05-Aug-10 22:11:53

Look out for or ask about the Playrangers in South Norfolk Park and Norwich parks they are free play sessions.

pointythings Sun 21-Aug-11 20:50:59

Try High Lodge just north of Brandon for a good outdoor day with the kids - the play sculpture trail is a lot of fun and this time of year you can combine it with blackberrying too!

Lackford Lakes (on the A1101 between Mildenhall and Bury St Edmunds) is really good too, free entry, lots of good hides - we saw a kingfisher tehre last year.

JjandtheBeanlovesUnicorns Wed 21-Sep-11 20:16:41

Curve motion soft play in bury is fantastic.

West stowe is lovely for walks, wildlife and a sandy play area, nice cafe and museum/anglo saxon village

Castle park- just outside thetford town centre, just a lovely play area with huge grass area and hills to climb

Abbey gardens- bury st edmunds. Just perfect imo.

Nowton country park bury st edmunds- amazing when the daffodils are out.

Brandon country park

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