Letting go of grown up kids and teenagers

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Mum90 Tue 04-Jul-17 22:34:52

Anyone need to discuss this?

Eyesay Sun 09-Jul-17 20:30:04

3 of my 4 have flown the nest. I never thought I'd miss them, but I do sad

Mum90 Mon 10-Jul-17 09:39:27

Do you find that it's a subject other people don't always talk about?its almost as if admitting you miss them means you have not got a life, but that's not true it's the end of a big phase of your life a massive change!!

imacmum Fri 14-Jul-17 11:33:26

Mine are both still at home, 22 and 18 years, the oldest has got a good job locally and shows no signs of moving out so far, the youngest was off to Uni in September, and to be honest she needs to go, because she is rude and treats me very badly, however she's now thinking of taking a gap year. The prospect of her being at home for a year is not an appealing one. I may need to get a job! Any suggestions?

cheapskatemum Mon 17-Jul-17 23:36:47

No idea whether it would suit you or not, but there are always opportunities for care workers in Suffolk. I started with an agency and was sent to a wide range of care establishments. My heart was for the elderly, so after a year I applied for and got a care worker post at a retirement home.

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