Trainee guide dog seeks accommodation near Mildenhall!

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GuideDogsDan Tue 09-Jun-15 09:22:28

Can you give our dog a temporary home?

You'll have the dog in your own home during their 10 weeks of training, feed and groom it on a daily basis and follow guidelines from its trainer. We supply training, support, basic equipment and cover all vet and feeding costs.

We ask that you have suitable home (and work) environment – a secure, enclosed yard or garden containing a hard surface or gravel toileting area; and permission to have a dog and that you do not leave a dog on its own for more than 3 hours or that you’re able to take the dog to work.

In general our dog will be with you during evenings and weekends. On a normal weekday the dogs will be picked up from you at Sainsbury's Mildenhall between 8.45-9.10am and dropped off between 4.30-4.55pm. However, we will also ask that you can be available during the day as there will be some weekdays where the dogs cannot be trained for part or all of the day.

To find out more about how you can become a volunteer boarder, contact, 0118 983 8741 or visit

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