Eloping to Southwold,

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Whatsontheendofthestickvic Mon 06-Oct-14 13:06:39

I am hoping mners local to Southwold can help me please.

I will be getting married in Southwold in early November and I am looking for someone local to do my hair and make up.

Internet searches have given me some options in Suffolk but they appear to be some distance away & will charge extra for mileage.

Can anyone recommend anyone locally who is available on the 8th November (I'm just after an up-do and make up that will last the day & look good on the photos)?
A mobile person is preferable but I am willing to travel - but not too far! Thinking about 15 mins drive max.

Thanks in advance smile

clara4444 Tue 21-Oct-14 22:57:10

I am sure you will have something sorted by now but there's an ok-ish salon on southwold highstreet and they have a spa attached - would have thought someone at the spa can do make-up.....there's not a lot else outside Southwold unless you go a bit further afield like down to Woodbridge.

Whatsontheendofthestickvic Wed 05-Nov-14 10:00:37

Thank you for your reply! Sorry I hadn't checked for any replies.

I have got in at Sanctuary on Queen Street for make up & Noir for my hair.

Thanks again smile

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