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inaminutedarling Wed 06-Mar-13 08:19:34

Yes Elfy... you're officially still springy ;)

elfycat Sat 02-Mar-13 20:47:36

Hi inanmin. Yes you win as I'm 42 in Sept. Do I still count as a spring chicken?

I'm good at spooky and coincidences!

inaminutedarling Fri 01-Mar-13 17:52:01

Hi elfy!! 42 next month... Do I win? wink
V spooky that you posted today - this is the first time I've been back on here since Feb 2nd!

elfycat Fri 01-Mar-13 06:50:16

You beat me then inanmin as I'm... oh drat - what month were you born as I'm 41 too!

I have a 4yo and a 2yo and am over in Stowmarket for the last 2 years <waves>

inaminutedarling Sat 02-Feb-13 12:46:15

pah! spring chickens.. I'm 41 and my daughter is nearly 2.. one of my best friends is 26 - it makes no difference at all that we're not the same age - I don't feel the need to reminisce about spangles and Duran Duran wink

77vicky77 Sat 26-Jan-13 07:18:53

hi kaz, this might be a little late now looking at the date of your post but just wanted to say hi, im vicky 35 and my little girl is 14 months old, , moved to felixstowe 1 year ago and struggling to find mums my age to chat with - definately in the minority ha! anyway if you fancy a chat or a meet up that would be great x

Kaz945 Thu 13-Sep-12 16:31:16

Hi just thought I would stop by and say Hello to all you mummies out there!
Are there any older mums like me who want to chat?
I am 39 with three children aged 2, 12 and 16 :0)

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