Moving to Newmarket/Bury St Edmunds?

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Suffolkgirl666 Sat 11-Aug-12 21:54:02

I live in Bury and there is plenty to do with lots of toddler groups and coffee shops. Mildenhall doesnt have much but they do have a nice playground! Newmarket is kind of in between lol.

EmmaF83 Tue 01-May-12 13:18:08

Hi everyone,

I hope I've posted this in the right place but please feel free to say if not and point me in the right direction!

I'm looking for a bit of advice on living in Newmarket or Bury St.Edmunds - I'm currently living in Littleport just outside Ely and only re-located here in October last year so dont know the areas overly well.
I do like Ely but and are looking at moving there as being out in Littleport isn't right for me as I don't have car access when hubby is at work (7 days on 7 days off - but sometimes does 9 days straight and all 12 hr shifts!!) so as I'm used to a town/city we are looking at moving asap so I can get out and about more!

Now we were just initally thinking Ely but with hubby working near exning/newmarket we've started to consider looking at Newmarket/Bury St.Edmunds (BSE seems like it has more going on from posts Ive found in various places)

We are currently renting and can't really afford more than we are paying now and as prices in Ely for 3 beds are ridiculous this has also made us think of loooking elsewhere but not sure where? Preferable would like to reduce hubby's drive to/from work although I know BSE would be the same but feel if we could get more for our money/cheaper house than it would balance out a bit.
Thats where Newmarket seems to make sense but not sure what its like as heard various comments on it not being that nice?

My little one is 14.5 months and I'm currently a SAHM (with a bit of self employed work) so need to be able to go out to groups, nice walks, places to go for coffee etc - littleport is too quiet so any village the same especially without good transport links is a big No!

Am I right in thinking Mildenhall is mainly just RAF? and nothing there? This somes up cheap and wondering why?

Oh and if it helps we are currently paying £650 pcm for a 3 bed - would consider a 2 if big/storage etc but ideally a 3 so we wouldn't have to move again if we have another little one over the next yr or two. Hubby is already really struggling with the bills etc so ideally no more than what we are paying (3 bed in Ely - your looking at £700 min - most are £750pcm!!!) :-(

Sorry for th e long post but I really hope some out you will be able to help and give some adice on areas etc

Many thanks

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