Moving to Martlesham Heath

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BethanM31 Wed 29-Feb-12 13:42:02

Hey all!,
My family and I are moving into the area in Mid March. This will be our first move with my 13 month old daughter and a a bit daunted by it all!. I am looking to meet up with local Mums when we get there and hopefully get settled down soon as possible!. If your interested drop me a message here or send me a pm. Any info about local group etc would be helpful too. Looking forward to hearing from you soon! x x smile

Hils74 Thu 17-May-12 20:10:01

Hi Bethan, I hope your move went well. I know there is a Mums group at the Pavilion on Weds & Fri 9.30 - 11.30 every week during term time.

I haven't managed to get over there yet!

My DS is nearly 7 mths!


BethanM31 Thu 31-May-12 09:40:03

Thanks for the message. Was starting to think everyone had keeled over!, lol. Yeah, the move went well and have started going to the group at The Pavillion. Maybe when you make it over maybe we could have a coffee and a chat! smile.

Keiza Sat 09-Jun-12 19:22:06

Hi Bethan,

Welcome to Martlesham, hope you are settling in well. smile

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