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ilovegreenbeans Tue 16-Nov-10 02:15:43

I could do with some help- does anyone have any recommendations for areas to live?

DH has just accepted a new job and the office is near Star Lane. We have 2 DD's (2.5 and 8m), don't have a car (and probably won't for the first few months) and I'd like to live pretty centrally initially so DH doesn't have to travel far. We're also ex-Londoners so we're used to small flats with no gardens . But, with 2 little ones, I'd like to be walking distance to parks, shops and maybe a library?? Any ideas? Thanks!

RabbitAndCo Tue 23-Nov-10 19:42:44

I'd recommend near Christchurch Park, lovely area, really nice park. (Although I don't actually live in Ipswich myself, but near).

Good luck with the move!

ilovegreenbeans Sat 27-Nov-10 01:33:58

thank you! I think we've found a flat near Christchurch Park now so I'm glad to hear it's a nice area

strawberry17 Sat 27-Nov-10 17:29:01

Christchurch Park is lovley! (I am an Ipswich native smile )

mollymax Sat 27-Nov-10 17:31:58

Yes, Christchurch park area is nice.
Walk into town.
The park itself is lovely.
Good bus service to surrounding areas.
Do not know about the schools tho

ilovegreenbeans Sun 28-Nov-10 19:02:11

Ah, brill- glad to hear more recommendations for it! The flat is on Fonnereau Rd although I haven't actually seen it yet... we're abroad right now and my PIL have been doing some leg work for us.
Any good cafes in town? Toddler groups? Restaurants?

mollymax Sun 28-Nov-10 19:57:10

Fonnereau road is very close to the park, right in the centre of town.
There are a fair few churches that have toddler groups in the town centre.
Lots of cafes too, most of the major chains.
Same with restaurants.
The town centre library is within walking distance of the flat and has lots of baby and toddler activities.
If you do move and you would like to meet, let me know, my youngest dd is 3.

KellyPrincess Sat 29-Oct-11 13:57:48

There is a nice cafe called St Lawrence Centre in the town centre. Its a little tucked away so you may need to ask around! There is a play centre at Cardinal Park which is ok for rainy days too.
Fonnereau Road is great access for the park and they have activities in Christchurch Mansion for kids too.
The Babysitting Company provides qualified babysitting locally too if you havent got family around to do it for you when you need.
hope that all helps x

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