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ecmummy Wed 15-Sep-10 11:39:59

Hi new to mumsnet so wanted to introduce myself and ask for some recommendations.

I'm Tracey and mum to Eva (4 next month) and Charlie (8 months). We live in Ipswich.

We are having a bday party for Eva next month and I'm trying to find some sort of entertainer. I'm thinking of along the lines of a face painter or one of those bendy balloon people(excuse the lack of techinal knowledge!) but can't afford to spend a small fortune. Age range 2-5, probably about 15 kids (although can't imagine that they would all want face painted). Anyone got any recommedations?

Look forward to chatting with you all

RabbitAndCo Mon 27-Sep-10 14:17:58

Hi Tracey - could you not just buy a facepainting kit, and do it yourself (or rope a friend in to help)?

Happy birthday Eva!

Bexy123 Mon 17-Sep-12 18:23:43

Hi there,

I saw your message and thought I'd drop you a line. I do parties for little ones, a combination of music in the first half and then face painting in the second half. My website is I don't know if that might interest you. If so, please reply to the e mail address on my website as I'm not a regular here!

Whatever you choose have a great day!

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