Teenager Girl help needed urgently

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omniasupport Sun 08-Apr-12 11:15:59

I am posting this for a friend of mine who lives in Stockport and is now a single mum - and has a 13 years old daughter from a guy who has gone off with another. she is asian and he is white. the daughter sadly is going through all sorts of emotional challenges and admittedly the mum over compensated for her daughter (she is behaving very badly threatening to self harm, being racist to her mums family indirectly, and nasty to her mum saying her dad left because of my friend who is unwell and has put on loads of weight as a result of meds).The situation is so fraught that my friend nearly called the police asking them to take her away .the daughter thinks she would be better off in care (fan of Tracey Beaker!).Can anyone suggest any support groups locally that my friend may go to or projects where I can take my friends daughter to show her the alternatives to her behaviour and falling of the rails.Any help appreciated

tattbag Fri 15-Jun-12 16:06:28

there is an early intervention team at Stockport YOT - to prevent young people getting into trouble - sounds like they could help : the no. is 0161 476 2876

If not there then if they live in certain area's there is ACT family support - 0161 474 3161

Or services for young people - 0161 475 7700

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