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bilblio Wed 08-Feb-12 22:32:59

Just to update. The Tameside NCT group has a few things running now.

I'm running a group at Ikea cafe on a Tuesday morning. I say running. I turn up and take advantage of the 99p cooked breakfast. grin (99p and free coffee if you get a family card, which is free anyway.)
We gather near the children's area some time between 10:30 - 11:30 there are some tables reserved for us most weeks. We stay until we run out of things to talk about, or have to go and do other things. It's very, very flexible. But the cheap breakfast finishes at 11. Sometimes there's lots of people, sometimes just a couple.

There's also a coffee morning in Mossley on a Tuesday morning, this is in people's homes so changes venue every week.

Thursday 10-12 there's a Bump & Babies group at Ridge Hill Children's Centre.

We're always looking for more people to join in, help out, or suggest activities. You don't have to join the NCT to join in the activities. (I haven't, Shhh! confused )

The facebook page is pretty active and at the moment is the best way to find out what's happening. Or message me on here if you've any questions.

bilblio Mon 19-Sep-11 20:24:09

Wow a cluster of Stalybridgers. I'm here too. smile
Tameside now has it's own NCT group it's still in the very early stages of being set up but I'll try to put the events on here as and when I know what's happening. I've volunteered to help with things, but DC2 is due is 5 weeks so I'm a bit busy with that at the moment. smile

There is a Facebook page set up though which is where we're discussing what people would like the group to do.

birdofthenorth Mon 08-Aug-11 14:04:41

I'm also in Stalybridge, would love to be kept up to date with local NCT activities

bendswends Fri 05-Aug-11 11:18:04

I'm new to mumsnet and from Stalybridge, Tameside. I saw a message yesterday on noticeboard at Fun Depot in Ashton saying there was a meet up today at Stamford Park, Stalybridge (scavenger hunt). Does anyone know where I can find any further information for meet up times etc.

bilblio Tue 10-May-11 12:35:56

Hi all, as you may know the NCT group for Tameside actually covers Tameside, Rochdale and Oldham, which is a huge area and makes it very difficult to organise activities.

It's also confusing because depending on your postcode some Tameside families get pointed towards the Glossop group, and others get pointed towards the Oldham, Tameside and Rochdale group.

There's currently a discussion going on to split the group up so that Tameside has it's own seperate group.

If you'd like to know more, or if you'd like to become involved in helping to set it up please let me know and I can pass on some more details. Alternatively join the Oldham, Tameside and Rochdale NCT group on Facebook where the discussion is taking place.

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