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Veefrog Mon 12-Jan-09 13:58:37

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for playgroups in Stafford, with very little luck.

The only one i could find through Parents Direct is the Sandon Road Baptist Church Playgroup, has anybody heard of it?

I attend to toddler groups with my DS but I would like him to socialise without me (he's a little bit shy) and Playgroups seem to be the answer for us, well, if i can find any hmm

I'd really appreciate any help. Thank you!

merryandmad Thu 15-Jan-09 19:29:22

Hi Veefrog,
I have heard of the one on the Sandon Road, from a few mums at nursery and also my friends little girl went there aswell.
All seemed to think it was good.
Sorry I don't know of any others- but you could try asking at The Childrens Centre- listed on the local page- they may be able to point you in the right direction.
Hope you get sorted smile

Veefrog Thu 22-Jan-09 12:17:23

Thanks Merryandmad, I'll look into it smile

KEG Wed 04-Mar-09 13:47:31

Hi Veefrog
I go to Sticky Fingers play group at Baptist Church on the green (near cinema)It's on Tuesday and Thursday mornings termtime. There are anumber of playgroups in Stafford - if you call Parent Direct 0845 650 9876 they can send you details.

cookismum2 Fri 20-Aug-10 21:23:09

There is none on at the moment start back Sept but there is a great one on, on a Thurs and a Fri in the Church on St.Marys Groove not sure of the name but will get u details,the staff there are just great with plenty of coffee with comfy chairs.U should call parentline and they send u out details.The Childrens Centre has activities on every day on Faraday rd really nice place there but there is loads especially if u drive.I found sticky fingers very very busy and noisey not sure it would be the best one to make new friends at.There is also fri morning at St Trinitys in town by Wilkos car park but there is a waiting list for it but people friendly and a lovely group but if u ring parent line they will give u all the details .Amerton farm has also set up a play group on Tues and Thurs to vstart again in Sept.Hope this makes sense !

AnaS Wed 17-Aug-11 23:58:25

Sandon Road playgroup is fabulous. Unfortunately, most have shut down recently due to rising costs in rent etc. so there may be a waiting list. hth.

pyjamas2 Wed 20-Jun-12 00:21:47

There is a great new playgroup at Bishton Hall Nursery on Tuesdays during term at 2pm

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