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SummerC Thu 20-Nov-08 00:08:28

Hi everyone,

I'm currently working part-time in Stafford although my boss has indicated that he would like me to go back to full-time in the new year. So I am looking at nurseries at the moment and was hoping some of you wonderful mums may have first hand experience of some of the Stafford nurseries. Can you recommend any? Or alternatively, are there any that you would recommend I steer clear of? I'd really appreciate any input or advice.

Thanks grin

merryandmad Thu 20-Nov-08 21:12:49

Hi SummerC,
Both my dd's attend Stafford Childrens centre 3 afternoons a week- a really great nursery but very over subcribed- I think they have even closed the waiting list.

I have also heard good things of Noah's Ark- a brand new nursery by the prison, also know of other dcs know attend the creche at the college and the nursey attached to st georges hospital, (sory not sure of their names. I can find out more if you like?

What part of Stafford- it would make a difference esp getting accross town in the morning?

SummerC Fri 21-Nov-08 14:16:28

Thank you so much for the great information! I'm based on Weston Road (by the business park). I live in Stone, so pretty much anything at the North end of Stafford would be best for me, but I don't mind driving into town for an especially good nursery.

LJ29 Sun 23-Nov-08 13:39:38

SummerC, there is a nursery called Smileys at the hospital which is quite light and airey. Mine go to Dolly Mixtures which is in the grounds of St Georges on Corporation ST. If your looking for one in Stone my mum and sister both work at Giggles and Wiggles on the Mount Rd Industrial estate.

SummerC Sun 23-Nov-08 20:13:16

Smileys sounds perfect. Thanks ladies. I have a good list now and will start reading OFSTED reports and making appointments to visit the nurseries who have scored well.

Thanks again.

merryandmad Fri 28-Nov-08 20:18:23

i have a friend whose daughter is booked to go to Smileys at the hospital. She is a theatre nurse and she said the great thing about them is theyy are flexible on days (eg. four days out of five, but moved about on a monthly basis when she gets her rota). Apparently as long as she can let them know in advance- she doesn't have to pay for 5 days a week.

SummerC Mon 01-Dec-08 15:29:19

Just an update. After visiting a couple of the nurseries listed above, dh and I narrowed it down to Smileys and Noah's Ark. Unfortunately, Smileys was fully booked until the summer although we weren't too bothered as Noah's Ark was our first choice. It is a lovely nursery and the staff are absolutely brilliant. My daughter is not a PFB (although she is my first) but when it comes to leaving her with people she doesn't know, I am a little over-cautious. However, with Noah's Ark, I felt completely comfortable with the staff and my dd seemed to be very happy there (we went in for 2 hours one morning last week).

Just posting really in case anyone else was looking for a nursery in Stafford. I would highly recommend Noah's Ark. grin

LJ29 Tue 02-Dec-08 16:17:13

SummerC, do they have anywhere for the children to play outside during the summer months? From what I have seen of it they can only play inside. Just something to think about.

SummerC Tue 02-Dec-08 17:26:07

There is an enclosed year garden. Nicely turfed too. It's nothing fancy, but I like the people working there -- which if I'm going to trust them with my dd is a huge issue for me.

merryandmad Wed 03-Dec-08 22:28:38

I have attended the playgroup (chatterbox) attached to church at Noah's Ark on/off for 4 years. I also like the people there.

My friends 2 dc's attend the nursery two days a week since September and doesn't have any complaints (apart from they have not received "neg funding" yet- meaning she cannot get a reduced rate for her 3 year old daughter. This is an issue that the nursey is looking to resolve.

I am pleased you have found a nursery you are happy with- this is the most important thing. Good for you smile

Becky2406 Sun 23-Sep-12 21:46:42

My littlest 3yrs goes to ark day nursery its small friendly and brill all home cooked meals and nursery teachers wear slipper lol very homely smile

Becky2406 Sun 23-Sep-12 21:48:33

We get the neg funding at the ark nursery Hun I too went to the chatterbox play group with my dd1 and dd2 and dd3 would love to come back but don't have a small child to bring sad gutted

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