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SummerC Sun 11-Nov-07 13:48:23

Hi all,

I just noticed that nothing has ever been posted here and thought I would kick things off.

I'm coming up on 36 weeks pregnant with my first child and am looking for other women in my area (I'm in Stone) who can offer advice, support and friendship. I plan on breastfeeding so finding breastfeeding friendly restaurants and cafes is top priority for me at the moment.

So come on...get involved and tell me about yourself.


shortshafe Thu 22-Nov-07 16:48:43

Hello!! I'm in uttoxeter so am very close to you.

I have a dd who is almost 13 months and am 6 weeks pregnant.

I breast fed, although not for as long as i would have liked to, sad and never had any problems feeding her in various cafes and shopping centres, after the first few times you get used to it and start getting 'em out wherever you are! blush

congrats on the pg and good luck for the birth! xx

jude41 Wed 05-Dec-07 14:23:03

Hello, I live in Stone too and have a 4 year old and a 6 month old. There's plenty to do with you baby. Your best bet is to go along to the mother and baby groups run by the health visitors ( Tuesday 10.30 at Trentside clinic)
Tuneful tots is good fun ( wed 9.30 and 10.30 at St Johns church hall opposite langtreys pub) you get to have a coffee and sing silly songs with the babies!
There is also baby yoga and mums,tums and bums classes if you are feeling energetic!
re breastfeeding I have fed in Weatherspoons and The Lounge with no problems.

Hope your pregnancy is going well, put you feet up! x

MrsDomJames Thu 24-Jan-08 13:23:35

hiya, I'm Dominique, 22 married to Dave 25 and we have a daughter 3 yrs 7 months named Alyssa and we live in rugeley, im a sahm. x

SummerC Mon 18-Feb-08 00:15:51

It's been ages since I posted, but I didn't want any of you to think I was ignoring your messages. I'm a first time mum and I've struggled a bit to get into the swing of things.

Unfortunately, for various reasons, breastfeeding has not worked for me. I'm sad about it, but my daughter was a boobie baby for 3 weeks, so at least she got something.

Jude, I go to Tiddlywinks everything Tuesday and love it. It's nice to get out of the house and meet other mums. I'm going to give Tuneful Tots a try this week as well as I've never been before. Eccleshall library also has baby bounce and rhyme every friday morning which I think I'll look into.

Hope to talk to you all soon!

jude41 Fri 22-Feb-08 19:55:38

Hi Summer, Good to hear from you, congratulations on your baby girl! Hope you managed to get to Tuneful tots, its good fun and everyone is very friendly.

How are you coping with the first few weeks - its very tiring isn't it, I lived on chocolate hobnobs to get me through the night feeding!It does get easier, I promise.

My little girl started to crawl today, yippee. I'm now thinking about stair gates!


SummerC Fri 22-Feb-08 20:35:51

Hi Jude. I haven't yet managed to get to Tuneful Tots. I was going to start yesterday, but my daughter had her first immunisations so I will have to leave it until next week. We go to baby bounce and rhyme on Monday at the Stone library and Friday at Eccleshall library too so she's definitely going to be a music fan I think.

We're coping fine now (finally!). She had colic quite badly from about 3 weeks until about 7 weeks but it is now very mild. She is an absolute angel...she goes to bed at 7pm, I wake her for a feed at 11pm and then she sleeps straight through until 7am. She's been on that schedule for the past two weeks and, with the extra sleep, I'm finally starting to feel a little more human.

Crawling? I can't wait for that. Actually, yes I can...as she is now, she's quite easy to deal with.

beckystaffs Fri 29-Feb-08 19:18:23

Hello to you all,
As you can probably guess I'm from Stafford (sorry was rather put on the hop when asked for a name!)
i have two lo, dd1 is 3.5 and dd2 is 19 months.
We go to the baby bounce and rhyme in stafford on a Wednesday morning. My eldest is great at singing out loud blush. Is the monday one busy, as stafford is standing room only and you have to book a week in advance?
I also know rugeley aswell as my sister lives there.
Hope everyone is getting on okay. Thanks for letting me intrude.

SummerC Mon 03-Mar-08 13:27:16

Hi Becky,

Monday BB&R is quite busy and they ask you to book in advance. We also go to BB&R in Eccleshall on Friday morning at 10:00. It's quite good and you don't need to pre-book!

beckystaffs Thu 13-Mar-08 21:44:24

Thanks SummerC. The one in Stafford is now going to do 2 sessions after Easter because it is so full. Might try the Eccleshall one though as we live near j13 anyway.

sponga Sun 20-Apr-08 20:25:10

hi. Am very new to this, prob won't be able to ever find this link again! Have a 7th month old daughter and am looking for something fun to do with her, as she is now far too old for our postnatal group. I live in Wheaton Aston, in Staffs. Any ideas?


beckystaffs Sun 20-Apr-08 20:32:43

hello sponga,
what about going to a mums and toddlers instead?
Is there anyone from the postnatal group who would like to go with you? i'm sure going together would seem a little less daunting.
Or baby bouce and ryhme, or swimmimg (aqua tots)?
(ps where is wheaton aston?)

Laumee Sun 20-Apr-08 20:42:56

Hi again. Wheaton Aston is a little village just off the A5, not far from Weston Park. Been here for almost 2 years, but don't really know that many people. Originally from Burntwood, so tend to travel there alot, to see
younger sis and nephew who's 9months old. Want to find something this end, so they can come too. Baby bounce and rhyme sounds good.

Just changed nick name cuz the other one was pretty awful!

beckystaffs Sun 20-Apr-08 20:50:39

Hiya Laumee,
My geography is terrible sorry. blush
I'm from Hednesford, but now live in Stafford and work in Lichfield (so also travel about.
baby bounce and ryhme is at most librarys across Staffs (you may have to book though). Its free and gets you out of the house for a morning.
We go to Stafford on a Wednesday morning.

Good Luck

Ps I know what you mean about names!! Mine is so naff, but was rather put on the spot when the name I wanted was taken. I'm afraid it makes me seem rather dull. But keep thinking about new names though!!

Laumee Sun 20-Apr-08 21:28:35

Thanks for advice, am going to give bounce and rhyme a whirl. Better give laptop back to husband now. Have hogged it all evening!
Know what u mean about the names, because my first ten ideas were all taken. Seems we all think alike!

beckystaffs Mon 12-May-08 20:04:24

Has anyone been to the new leisure centre in Stafford yet? We've been a few times and are still undecided!
does anyone know what the swimming is like at any of the other local pools?

Mollymom Sat 31-May-08 22:21:57

Hi-am from Cannock area so thought I'd pop in here to say hello. Am thinking of joining sing and sign in Stafford in September. Never heard of bounce and rhyme-whats it all about?

Baby now 8 months old and am returning to work part time in September-am just taking an extra 3 months mat leave-unpaid unfortunately!!

merryandmad Wed 25-Jun-08 22:11:03

Hi Mollymom- sorry for delay in replying- bounce and ryhme is a free 1/2 session in the library in stafford, and surrounding areas (not sure about cannock though sorry). they sing nursery rhymes and have instruments out etc, some tradtional nursery songs (twinkle twinkle, wheeels on the bus etc) and then some more unuusal ones.
It is free, you don't have to be a member of the library, but you do need to book. Every wednesday at either 0930 or 1030 for 30 min. my two dd's love it

merryandmad Thu 03-Jul-08 22:01:35

hi mollymom- they do bounce and ryhme at cannock library on a friday about 10.30ish. ( and on thursday in hednesford)I've only been to the one in Stafford though so can't tell you what it's like though sorry!!

Mollymom Mon 21-Jul-08 22:21:57

Thanks merry-will give them a ring cos it sounds fun and DD loves music

merryandmad Tue 22-Jul-08 22:07:00

No problems, I know the one in Stafford is moving to the Shire gallery during the 6 week hols and they are only doing the 10.30 slot. Hope you enjoy it

mybumpsaboy Sat 13-Sep-08 13:41:37

hallo, noticed there haven't been any posts on here for a while....any new Stafford mummies around?? I'm a single mummy due my first baby in Dec & would love some new friends in the area!


SummerC Tue 16-Sep-08 21:52:35

I completely lost this link and have only just stumbled upon it. Does anyone else still check it?

My dd is now 9 months! Yikes...where did the time go? I went back to work part time at the beginning of July and everything has slipped by the wayside since then unfortunately. We do go to the library every monday to get books for dd (and mummy too!). I don't work Friday's so I think we'll start heading back out to Eccleshall library for Baby Bounce and Rhyme.

Hope everyone is doing well.

merryandmad Thu 25-Sep-08 21:28:24

Hello SummerC- there doesn't seem to be a lot of local activity does there!
We still go to the Stafford library bounce and ryhme- though my eldest has just had her fourth birthday- know what you mean about the time going quickly.
Hope your work is going okay.
Ps. Do you take your books out on your ticket or on dd's? Childrens' tickets don't get late penalties or fines for damages etc! smile

SummerC Mon 29-Sep-08 14:03:57

Hi Merryandmad - This friday is so far appointment free so we're planning on heading back to baby bounce and rhyme at Eccleshall. Off to the lakes tomorrow morning for a short break.

Oh and DD has had her own library card since she was 3 weeks old. If only they would let me take my books out on her ticket... wink

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