World Book day - Competitions, costume ideas and more!

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LocalEditorStaffordshire Tue 25-Feb-14 16:17:13

It’s the time of year that sparks fear in the hearts of parents everywhere. No, not Halloween. World Book Day - especially when you are told your DC need to wear a costume to school the next day and you have zero artistic ability.

Happily the Mumsnet World Book Day™ cavalry is here! wine

Last minute costume ideas can be found here.

There are downloadable costume resources for you here.

It’s all about reading, so this year's book list is here.

And, because we believe the whole ‘pay it forward’ thing here at Mumsnet Staffordshire you can win a Hugless Douglas bear (plus bundles of books for three runners up) by sharing your ideas and helping some other desperate soul here.

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