Anyone in Fradley/Lichfield, school advice needed

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Justtrying Fri 11-May-12 10:36:48

Is anyone here from Fradley/Lichfield? We are considering buying a house in the area and need some advice about local schools. DD is one so school won't be an issue for a while, I will be looking for nursery a few days a week, but this can wait, I guess when the time comes she will go to St Stephen's primary.

Of a more pressing matter is secondary schools, DH's grandson lives with us and enters Year 10 in September, the council website suggests Fradley falls under The Friary catchment area, how do you find this school, is there a bus etc? Do your children go to other schools in Lichfield, if so what are they like?

Will also be looking for activities for dd, waterbabies, rythm time etc, any Fradley mums out there?

Thanks in advance

Convert Fri 15-Jun-12 13:31:39

Hi, I've just moved out of Fradley.
My son went to St Stephens which is a brilliant school, I can't praise it enough. They are so wondeful and helpful.
For a nursery, Animal Crackers is fab. It's run by Miss Louise and her staff are so warm and caring. They have a mini bus which runs from the school to drop off kids and pick up toddlers in the morning and the reverse in the afternoon. I was absolutely gutted to take my little boy out of there. They have a massive barn so the kids can play outside when it's raining. Again, can't express how great it is.
The mom's in Fradley I found were lovely, there is a very popular coffee morning in the village hall and a very strong sense of community. There are ballet classes and other things going on.
There is a bus to lichfield from the village and The Friary has a very good reputation.
Hope this has helped you!

KellyBelly21 Thu 13-Jun-13 01:42:35

Hi! We're looking to relocate to Lichfield/Fradley area. We know Lichfield has a lot of amenities and shopping, but wondering how it's like in Fradley. Are there shops, doctors, eating places etc? And would you still recommend Animal Crackers? We have a soon to be 3yr old boy. And are there any goods primary schools nearby? Thank you!

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