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Is anyone else out there ?

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Esther75 Tue 23-Dec-08 15:07:16

I live in Parbold and am expecting my first baby in May...anyone else out there in the same boat ? Would really like to make some new friends.

Lulumamaloveslatkes Tue 23-Dec-08 15:31:58

hello esther, i live not too far from Parbold. not pregnant but have 2 DCs. Welcome to MN. and congratulations on your pregnancy ! Where will you be having your baby? NCT is often a good place to start for finding groups of mums..

Esther75 Tue 23-Dec-08 17:14:09

Hiya :-)
Having my baby at Ormskirk hospital. How all are your two ? sorry for being thick but was is NCT ?

Esther75 Tue 23-Dec-08 17:15:16

Meant to say... how old are your two lol
Where do you live ? I work in Southport but giving up my job when baby comes

Lulumamaloveslatkes Tue 23-Dec-08 17:43:57

mine are 9 & 3
I am fairly involved at Ormskirk maternity unit. I live in Southport. NCT is national childbirth trust. this is the local site. also, your HV or MW should be able to tell you where there are mums and babies groups. surestart centres also good, there is one in ormksikr, moorgate i think, that hosts a weekly coffee morning for mums to be and mums.

there are are few of us in southport and the surrounding areas on Mumsnet.

Esther75 Tue 23-Dec-08 17:55:34

Cool... thanks so much for your help... I just checked out the NCT site and it looks good... shame there are no local Nearly New NCT sales... they look really good. Have checked out the antenatal courses too which are aparently held at a local school so will probably enrol on those. :-)

Lulumamaloveslatkes Tue 23-Dec-08 19:26:32

my friend teaches the antenatal courses, there is a nearly new sale on soon, and one in crosby.. should be on the website soon

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