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newbie coming thru

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nixie88 Sun 19-Feb-12 16:55:11

hey im new to the area n new to mumsnet!!!
im 23 (24 nxt month) n got a 17month old baby girl..well toddler (dnt they grow quick) n im new to southport...lived here for few months n met a few ppl life is hetic atm n not been able to get to groups but im going to try n get bk into it after this bad week is over (in court cos monkey's 'dad' wants access after doing nothing since birth) iv got myself an amazing man who i met wen i lived down south n he dragged me to this amazing place of southport smile

hope to hear from others who r in southport n looking for new friends smile like myself. im a live n bubbly attidue who likes to enjoy life

spk soon

VoodooLULUmama Wed 22-Feb-12 17:15:47

Hello Nixie

welcome to the area ! There's lots going on for little ones... there are a few new groups starting up via the NCT which I can let you know about.. also there is a surestart centre at Linaker Street school and Bishop David Sheppard school with loads of info re mum and baby groups and courses .. your health visitor should also have more info about it. There are groups such as baby ballet, puddle ducks swimming and creation station all running locally and you would certainly meet other mums and babes there x

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