Back in London after being abroad, any good baby groups/meets?

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dorisbonkers Tue 23-Jun-09 09:50:07

Hi, I'm back in London (Peckham) after a few years working in Singapore and I have an 8 month old baby girl. I'm feeling all at sea having moved country, a bit down in a mouth, to be honest and lonely. Having been away I have few friends (well, few with babies or kids) and obviously don't have that NCT crowd either.

I am trying a few things in the neighbourhood such as library meetings and such and will also try a slingmeet (I wear her in a wrap but am a bit apprehensive as I'm otherwise not especially lentil-weavy!) but wondered what you recommended in the area. Or whether you wanted to arrange a meet.

I have a teeny tiny flat but do live in a building with a swimming pool so could have a meet at mine if your nippers fancy a splash about.

Bridie321 Thu 27-Aug-09 11:53:56

Hi there

I'm in Herne Hill (so Lambeth really) - bit out of your way maybe.

I didn't do NCT and was away in France for part of summer so feel similarly out of loop.

Brockwell park seems to be a good place. There's baby yoga at the lido - ( bit pricey but something to do. There's a 1 O'clock club (sign posted when you get to the park) which on a friday morning has something for younger ones from 10-12 (am thinking of going this Friday to see what happens).

There's also a 'Scream Club' at the Brixton Ritzy (also on a friday a.m. I think) where you can go watch films with babies and there's a sing along at the Brixton library so there may be one near you?

The other stuff may be too far out of your way?

Except for the yoga I haven't actually tried any of these things yet. Mostly been busy doing important stuff like cutting myself a 'sweeping fringe' which has realised itself as a mullet. Would go down a storm in Hackney.



p.s. What is a slingmeet?!

curlychloe Mon 05-Oct-09 17:23:21

The Peckham Pulse has 'Jelly babies' swimming in the hydrotherapy pool - it's jammed with mums and babies. East Dulwich has a Sing and Sign class (google for the website) with lots of nice mums.

GasandHotAir Tue 03-Nov-09 14:38:40

How about this...?!

Gas and Hot Air is an hour long, daytime comedy sketch show about pregnancy, childbirth and early motherhood. Performed by new mums Helen Rutter and Natasha Joseph and written over breastfeeding, sleepless nights and copious amounts of weight watchers cake. Babies under 1 are welcomed with open arms as long as they can't move much and don't mind a bit of fruity language.

Where? The Hob, 7 Devonshire Road, Forest Hill, SE23 (opp Forest Hill station)

When? Every Thursday at 2pm from 29th Oct - 26th Nov

How Much? £6

Contact: 020 8855 0496


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