anyone pregnant in se1?

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hodgepodge Sun 23-Mar-08 10:39:21

I am - first time - all new to me - be lovely to meet any fellow bumps in the area - it seems to be an NCT-free zone...!

lemassey Thu 27-Mar-08 21:23:51

I am! Another 9 weeks to go...and like you first time too. I managed to get on an NCT intensive course - its running in Tabard St in early April.

Maria2007 Sun 30-Mar-08 14:38:40

Hi, I'm also pregnant (22 weeks at the moment) & living in SE1, and this will be our first baby

Hope we can continue this thread & get to know each other.

Oh, as for NCT classes... We'll be attending an NCT antenatal course in june, it's very near london bridge, but unfortunately it will be an intensive one, for 2 days (I would prefer a more drawn out series of classes, but there was nothing available in the area).

Best wishes

hodgepodge Wed 02-Apr-08 13:24:29

Hi Maria
Thanks for replying - I'm only 8 weeks (i think!) at the moment so haven't signed up for anything yet - but strangely can't think of anything except babies most of the time so very nice to know other mums to be are nearby.

Maria2007 Thu 03-Apr-08 09:01:41

Hi Daisy,

I too find it hard to think of other things, which means it's very hard to concentrate at work

Is this your first pregnancy?

AutumnLady Mon 07-Apr-08 15:55:14

Hi guys

I'm 9 wks now and it's my first one too. I can't seem to think of much else at the moment but have a distinct lack of pregnant friends so do feel a bit alone. I live in se16 which is only down the road from se1 and would love to meet up with some new people to have some support

hodgepodge Sun 13-Apr-08 16:36:02

Hi Maria - yes it is - have just about got to grip with the 'being pregnant' - then keep having realisations it's also going to mean having a baby at the end of it all! i haven't told work yet am waiting for first scan and all clear etc (though the nhs seem to be singularly unhelpful on all counts) - when are you due?

and hello autumnlady - i'm probably nine weeks now so snap! definitely be good to have some support too i have no idea of postcodes but i'm just off bermondsey street if that helps?


AutumnLady Mon 21-Apr-08 11:55:30

Hi Daisy

Thanks for replying! I know Bermondsey Street, not that far away from where we live and where we go out so would be good to meet up at some point. Are you having yours at St Thomas's too?

hodgepodge Wed 23-Apr-08 20:36:57

Hello - yes I think st thomas's - haven't really made any plans yet - my scan was going to be this Friday but I had to change it so it's May 7th now instead - hopefully then they can fill me in on hospitals and things like that (i keep starting to look everything up but getting overwhelmed and internet shopping instead!)

have you had a scan yet?

yes meeting up would be great - i'm a bit snowed under workwise at the moment and completely knackered in the evenings but maybe one weekend afternoon? or evening in a couple of weeks when apparently we'll magically feel amazing and start 'blooming'....

Daisy x

AutumnLady Thu 24-Apr-08 14:00:25

I'm at st thomas's and have my 12 wk scan on Monday which is exciting! I would love to meet up too so why don't we leave it until we both feel a lot less tired in the evening after work. I'm the same as you, snowed under at work then all I want to do is collapse on my sofa when I get home! I think it does get better

If you want any info on the hospital just let me know and I'll be happy to help if I can

Maria2007 Sun 27-Apr-08 09:38:42

Hi girls,

Hope everything is ok with both of you, have you had your scans yet? I'm now 26 weeks and things are going fine- yikes! It's getting closer! (labour I mean). I'm at St Thomas too & I hvae to say I'm very happy with the care I've received there so far...


hodgepodge Sun 27-Apr-08 20:21:12

Hi Maria - my nuchal? scan is this Thursday then the normal one next Wednesday... how are you bearing up? big bump yet??

and good luck tomorrow autumn lady! let me know how it goes - and yes be lovely to meet up probably sometime in May now - am very looking forward to the sun coming out fulltime so i can waddle to work.

AutumnLady Mon 28-Apr-08 11:32:42

hi girls

Well, scan is this afternoon and I can't wait. also a bit nervous but not sure why??!! just antoehr thing to concern myself with really - the nuchal result. don't think we are very high risk but will be happier when I know for sure. Will let you know how it goes.

Daisy - whereabouts do you work? near to London Bridge?


AutumnLady Tue 29-Apr-08 16:58:25

Hi girls

just wanted to let you know that the scan went well and everything is fine which is a huge relief!!

How are you both?

Maria2007 Thu 01-May-08 10:07:42

Hi Autumnlady,

great to hear that your scan went well! It's such a relief isn't it.

Girls, I have some news which may interest you. At the Coin Street Neighourbood center, which is a brand new & very big community center at SE1, they have an expectant parents workshop for free. It's taught by childcare practitioner Clare Singh from Guys & St Thomas & is the first tuesday of every month, from 12.30 to 2.30. Something nice to do on your maternity leave. Since I already work from home, and am almost 27 weeks, I'm planning to go. Next one is on May 6, and then June 3, July 1, August 5 etc.

And for your information, Coin Street Neighbourhood center is 108 Stamford Street, South Bank, SE1 9NH

It'll be nice to meet some of you there... and as I said, it's free, so a good opportunity.


AutumnLady Wed 07-May-08 14:41:17

Hi Maria

Yes, big relief after having that scan and the sonographers at St thomas's were so nice and explained everything to dh as well.

That sounds good - the Coin St centre workshop but, and this may be a silly question, do they give any info for people having a cs or just for natural births? Unfortunately I am going to be at work for some time yet as not due until 9th November so anything in the day is difficult for me. When are you actually due?


hodgepodge Fri 09-May-08 10:35:41

hello again - sorry been snowed under in election stuff but now we've got boris (how did that happen!!) things are settling down a bit (i work in news)

autumnlady i work in marylebone - but live in london bridge

have had scan too now! it was brilliant - and all is fine/low risk etc which is good - plus we have some hilarious pictures of him/her/it looking very like Bart Simpson....and i'm due 12th november so right behind you!

I think I'll be going to see midwife at Coin Street next time so will check out all the classes - thank you Maria

also starting to feel very slightly more human again which is good - though the evenings still a bit sicky and exhausted - hopefully that will pass soon - am keeping everything crossed


AutumnLady Mon 12-May-08 10:13:45


I work in politics so our worlds are closely linked I fear!!!

Glad you are feeling more human, it gets better honestly! Great news about the scan - and LOL about Bart Simpson analogy, my hubby thought bump looked like an alien - nice.

let me know when you are up for a meet up in a few weeks, a cup of tea would go down well!


hodgepodge Fri 16-May-08 10:20:14

hello there - what do you do in politics? cup of tea soon would be great - i am feeling far more human now and sometimes even stay awake til ten o'clock!

i also have the occasional day off in the week don't know if you're ever free weekdays?


Maria2007 Fri 16-May-08 14:06:07

Hi again Daisy & Autumn Lady. Sorry I've gone AWOL for a while! Things are going ok with me, glad to hear they've been ok with you too! My due date is august 4, which means I'm almost 29 weeks now. I can't believe how quickly the time has flown...

AutumnLady Tue 20-May-08 12:49:35


I don't work on a Friday so am generally around and not doing much. I work for 2 MPs at the House of Commons so is interesting work!

I can stay awake until about 11pm these days which is far cry from the 2am stints I used to do

Let me know what suits you for meeting up.


AutumnLady Tue 20-May-08 12:50:44

Hi Maria

Glad you're doing well and it's not that far now for you is it?!! Is this your first baby? I'm 15+2 today so a little way to go yet but it's still gone by so quickly.

hodgepodge Wed 21-May-08 22:15:48

ooh sounds interesting - i quite often have fridays off though having said that i now don't for a few weeks - but will check my rotas for next one - or one evening somewhere local would be great

Maria are you nearby? fancy showing off your bump??


AutumnLady Thu 22-May-08 12:04:44

Brilliant, am happy to do either as we're all close by!

Maria - over to you.....


Aila Sat 07-Jun-08 02:03:35

Hi, just browsing and saw this thread! I live in London bridge and have just found out that I am expecting...feels quite surreal at the moment!!

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