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Zippo's Circus opened for the first time 31 years ago - and the now-famous travelling troupe have regularly brought their show to Mitcham since they began.

In the character of Zippo the clown, Martin Burton established his clown troupe Zippo and Company as leaders in comedy, appearing regularly on TV and winning top prizes at festivals in Britain, Australia, and the USA. Including Martin himself and just three other performers, Zippo's Circus came to life in 1986 in a small marquee performing in public spaces across the London area. One of those spaces was Figges Marsh, Mitcham, where the full-blown and now nationally famous circus still returns each year, greeting old friends and making new ones.

From the first, the style was fresh and original, and audiences took this imaginative new version of the traditional circus to their hearts. Zippo's grew each year. Keeping London as the circus's main performing area, the circus also began to tour further afield. Long acknowledged as London's favourite circus, Zippo's has several times been voted 'Britain's Best Circus', delighting audiences from Inverness to Brighton.

For its 2017 tour, family favourite Zippos Circus, presents a brand new production Jigit! – celebrating the show's sensational new equestrian and fearless acrobatic marvels. The thundering hooves of acrobatic Cossack ride into the UK circus ring for the first time in 30 years with the appearance of the Khadikov Jigit Riders from Kazakhstan. Their astonishing and fearless 'jigitovka' trick riding showcases beautifully the extraordinary relationship between man and horse and is a must see for all circus and equestrian fans.

Back by popular demand are Zippos' 21st Century 'Jigits' - on motorbikes not horses, Brazilian daredevils in the Globe of Death, the legendary Lucius Troupe. With their astonishing, break-neck speed loop-the-loop motorbike performance they are keeping the spirit of Jigitovka alive and well.

Plus hilarity from Alex the Fireman and new laugh-out-loud comic Emilion juggler extraordinaire the record-breaking Nicolas Souren, the amazing Miss Kimberley on the swinging trapeze, real knife throwing and other marvellous and amazing acrobats and artists – all presented by the one and only Norman Barrett, MBE, the world's greatest Ringmaster and his mischievous budgerigar pals.

ZIPPO'S CIRCUS performs at FIGGES MARSH, LONDON ROAD., MITCHAM CR4 3LB from Thursday 27th April to Tuesday 2nd May. (The circus goes to other open spaces in south-east London too, from Blackheath at Easter-time to Herne Hill in mid-May and Peckham Rye in the autumn).

Have you enjoyed Zippo's over the years? Tell us your story - we'll pass on the good ones to the circus!

DIAL-A-SEAT 0871 210 2100 (calls cost 10p per minute + phone company's charge)

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