Is that normal??

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MrsApple Fri 12-Aug-16 20:38:44

It's a very upset day for me. I don't know if any other mom have had same experience as me. This is the first time I met this kind of thing...I have made a play date for my daughter with her friend. Her friend mom agreed and told me she would like to meet us today at 10 in somewhere. Morning, I have sent message to her and said we were going to there. And when we arrived, nobody was there. After 10mins, I made phone call to her, no respond. Text message, no respond. Until now, no respond. No explain, no sorry. My daughter and her friend are in the same class. And the mom of friend chose the date and location... My daughter was crying very sad when she knew that no body that normal nowadays? I hope she and her family all right.

ummi5 Fri 26-Aug-16 15:30:09

Sorry to hear that sounds terrible but maybe she was facing some difficulties maybe you should call her up again and say how you felt let down and it's not right to do this .Otherwise all I can say is put it down to a bad experience sometimes people can be harsh explain to your daughter it's OK we can make new friends and move on from the bad experience.

calamitygin Fri 26-Aug-16 17:26:14

Most people make excuses if they don't want to meet up as planned rather than ignore messages. Could it be that she's list her phone? Or worse, and hope not, that something awful has happened with her family/close friend circle and she just hasn't been able to text/call.

Very unusual just to ignore. If she doesn't get in contact before school ask her at the school gate next week

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