Alleyns junior school-any experience please?

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rmr100 Wed 20-Jan-16 18:41:53

I would be most grateful for some advice from people with children at Alleyns.

I'm waiting to hear my daughters assessment outcome, but just in case she is lucky enough to get a place, and I just want to be able to make a quick decision.

1.At Alleyn's the children were very polite and nice but they seemed quite shy and it was harder to gauge how happy they are? There was good feedback on the assessment day from parents, but I just wondered if there were any other people with experience there? Are the children happy? They looked a bit tired-are they overworked? The person showing us round made the fatal error of asking how many children were looking forward to their holiday (all of them) and how many were looking forward to coming back after holiday (silence, then 2 hands up!Maybe this is to be expected but it gave the wrong impression!!!).

2. Also, how much do they focus on your child as an individual at Alleyns? Also what is their approach to failure, or finding things difficult. I know for eg at WHS they stress the importance of failure, and risking by trying. What is the ethos at Alleyns in this regard?

3. How have people found the new head? Positive?

4. I don't have much of a sense of the senior school, but is there much in the way of any problems with drugs, eating disorders or underage activities in general (boys!)? I know there will be potential access in any school/parties etc, but just wanted to check there was no particular problem at Alleyns particularly in the senior school?

5. Previous mumsnet posts have portrayed Alleyn's as being mainly for celebs etc, hence the associated celeb culture and pitfalls and perhaps ignoring other children-is this really true? I would imagine you can get them at any good school so perhaps this is nothing to worry about?

6. My child is mixed race, do you think this would be a potential source of bullying there given at present it is still not as diverse as WHS?

8. Any thoughts if she is lucky enough to get in what you might choose and why. Pros and cons. Alleyn's really grew on me on each visit and obviously the facilities are incredible and it's co-educational (which I would much prefer)?

I think one can really overthink all of this, but any thoughts are most welcome!

2zooey Mon 25-Jan-16 10:59:41

From what I can tell it is a lovely school but there are problems everywhere and no school is safe from parties, eating disorders etc. The difference is do you want a school with boys and girls?

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