Whirled Cinema Christmas Present Idea

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LocalEditorSouthwark Sun 13-Dec-15 12:53:13

And it's very easy, just CLICK HERE to buy annual membership. (If you choose this option enter the recipients details, the recipient will receive notification by email).

If you would like to keep your gift a secret or buy a six month membership please email rob@whirledcinema.com with contact details.

Merry Christmas

Whirled Cinema


LocalEditorSouthwark Sun 13-Dec-15 12:55:28

Gift Voucher at Dulwich Sports Club

The perfect gift for Christmas or any occasion, announcing DC Sports Club Gift Vouchers. Give the gift of getting fit, having fun and meeting people to your loved ones!

6 Exercise Classes – £25 (valid 3 months)
1 Month Membership – £35
3 Months Membership – £100

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