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sship74 Mon 10-Aug-15 08:24:32

Hi there, my son is starting at Kingsdale in september, and although we were given a flyer from White Hall clothiers in Camberwell, I can't find a detailed list of the school's policy on their website. Does anyone know about what shoes they have to wear for example? and what about sportswear?

This is my first post, so thanks for helping (in advance!)

kb25 Mon 04-Jul-16 07:27:45

Hiya - you'll need to get a regulation tie in the right house colour. You can then buy black jacket and black trousers, white shirt from anywhere as long as you sew the kings dale badge on the pocket of the jacket (which you get from the school). Black shoes (not trainers). PE kit there is a regulation red polo top from the school but you can buy any red polo top - and black shorts. Can't remember what trainers but think they are black! I'd email the school if you're not sure. Hope that helps,

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