Nursery Places and Prices in Southwark

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LocalEditorSouthwark Thu 04-Jun-15 13:02:02

Can anyone help a journalist looking into the prices and places for nursery places in Southwark? Do you feel they are expensive? Are places for your toddlers difficult to find? Thank you!

Evaexpat1 Wed 17-Jun-15 12:50:26

Uhm I feel they are TREMENDOUSLY expensive, but I am also Danish, currently living in Berlin. I also don't get why they close at 3 pm! I need a nursery because I want to and have to work! To me, the whole system of early child care seems incredibly inefficient and hostile to women. Here in Berlin I get an excellent, truly amazing kindergarden for my 3-year old for 300 GBP a month, it means I can work and that my kid is happy as a clam. In England apparently nurseries are so expensive that it's unaffordable for everybody except the people that are so wealthy they don't even need to work! Also a joy is the admissions process- orientation mornings 6 times a year, and only then will you be given an admissions form. This is child care, not breaking into Fort Knox!

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