Any Danes/Scandinavians in East Dulwich?

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Evaexpat1 Mon 18-May-15 12:24:30

Hi All,

We're a Danish/American family moving to East Dulwich this summer, coming from Berlin. I'm keen to meet other Danes, in particular Danish toddlers for my 3-year old to play with. I'd also love to swap Danish books and cds, I'm getting a wee bit tired of the stuff I have so far. If you're lurking out there, let me know and maybe we can set up an outing in the park!

Knus, Eva.

HerneHillHelen Fri 03-Jul-15 22:51:33

Hi Eva, welcome to Dulwich! I'm Norwegian, with a one year old. I've just started a local Scandinavian playgroup, via the East Dulwich Forum. So far some Swedish families have joined but some Danish families might well find the thread too.

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