Looking for mums & kids age 6ish in the Rotherhithe area

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GreatEscapist Fri 08-Nov-13 19:25:30

Hi Folks,

We don't live in London anymore, but we're often in the Rotherhithe area visting Grandma. I have an only daughter and my London friends with kids moved away, so I can see them, but it's a bit of a trek. I would love to have some people to meet up with locally, just so we can escape for a coffee and a chat when my mother is getting too annoying! The Surrey Quays softplay is just depressing and we can only drive about at the top of the 381 for so long....is there anybody out there??


LocalEditorSouthwark Mon 11-Nov-13 12:40:52

Hi there

I hope so! I'm right over the other side of the borough so not of much use. When do you visit? I'm presuming it's weekends and holidays as your daughter will be at school (unless you home school?). If you're around on a regular basis we could try setting up a meet up with date and time and see who signs up for it?

There is a meet up in East Dulwich on 26th November if you are able to come along, you never know, someone who comes along might have a friend in Rotherhithe?

LocalEditorSouthwark Mon 11-Nov-13 12:50:20

There's a thread running in AIBU about local talk boards so I've linked to this thread encouraging people to come over here AIBU

GreatEscapist Fri 15-Nov-13 16:03:01

Hi - Thanks for the response. Yes, you're right we're usually over for holidays & weekends. Our next visit won't be till the 2nd of January for a week, when I guess a lot of the locals also won't be about, but I'm happy to give it a try.

When and how are Meet Ups set up? Are they also for school age kids or more new mums?

I tend to be over sporadically rather than regularly, so I think I just need to find out how it all works & see what I can make of it. Let me know if something could be arranged for that first week of January and we'll come along.

LocalEditorSouthwark Tue 19-Nov-13 14:49:01


I've sent you a couple of direct messages but thought I would post here for anyone that looks at the board. There are no active meet ups in the Rotherhithe area at the moment but I am happy to set one up for a particular date and time and venue. All you then have to do is go to the Meet-Ups Section and add yourself to the list for the meet up.

I'll wait to hear back from you and then hopefully set something up

LuigiB Tue 03-Dec-13 14:09:54

Hi GreatEscapist, I am smack bang in the middle of Rotherhithe and would love to meet up if you are still keen?

I have a ds who is 6 and another who is 7mo and am currently rattling around the house on maternity leave so not up to much.

I agree about the soft play at Surrey Quays, and at the grand old age of 6, is now apparently too tall for it hmm

I am free from 4th of Jan (the 3rd is ds' 7th birthday), let me know if you would like to meet and we can arrange a date and time..

Canadawaterstudios Sun 15-Dec-13 08:45:15

We are launching a new studio in Canada Water in Spring 2014 and will have one studio used as a temporary soft play - we will also have toddler classes running in the morning and dance classes for older children in the afternoon. I also have a daughter and hope that the studios will give my daughter the opportunity to meet new friends. We are in the very early stages of timetabling and developing classes so if you have any suggestions please do log your interest/ideas at www.canadawaterstudios.com. I've just started a facebook page too https://www.facebook.com/pages/Canada-Water-Studios/487294771384475

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