The Mummies Daddies and Children business club

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BusinessClub Thu 27-Jun-13 09:38:27

Are you a mum or dad that would be interested in setting up a business?

Are you a parent that runs a business and would like more support and to meet more contacts?

Are you currently considering not going back to work?how about starting a business?

How about coming along to the business club a place where you can bring the children under 4?

The mummies daddies and children business club is a new business
that was launched in may 2013 founded by myself Dior Simms who has over 12 years business experience.
My passionate is to help and support others relating to business and this is why i decide to set up the mummies daddies and children business club.

The business club is a monthly event held in Discovery planet,Surrey quays SE16 7LL a place where mums and dads who are in business or considering going into business can come together with there children under 4 and meet,network,make contacts,give support,brainstorm business ideas or problems within a business and listen to a guest speaker.
The next event will be tomorrow at 10.00am-12.00pm.
For information you can

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