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JandTDulwich Tue 24-Apr-12 22:21:24


We are potentially looking to move within the Dulwich/HH area with rollscourt, fawnbrake, cosbygate roads as current preferences. We live in the area already, so know it well, but I'm interested to hear of peoples' experiences of state primaries in the area and how things work catchment area wise. Rollscourt, fawnbrake etc. seem to be a bit of black hole state primary wise (although my research may be lacking!) so if anyone is able to shed any light on the catchment areas for those roads in particular I would be very grateful.

Views on Jessop's and st saviour's primary schools would also be appreciated. I'm aware of the excellent rep of the Dulwich village schools and Rosendale primary, but I also know you need to be practically on the doorstep to get into those (or be a regular church goer).

West Dulwich may also be an option, so views on Elmwood primary would also be appreciated.

N1MTB Wed 02-May-12 11:04:50


Only have experience of catchment areas this year as our eldest has just got into Dulwich Village Church of England Infants for a September '12 place. We live 257m from the school and got an offer for a non-church place (they have 50% church places and 50% open places). They had a bulge class last year (starting in Sept '11) so the catchment area for non-siblings is likely to shrink for Sept '13 and Sept '14 due to the sibling priority.

Catchment for Sept '11 intake was about 480m for first round offers to non-siblings for the non-church places! (But that was the bulge year so there was an extra class.)

I know people who have got in from Beckwith Road this year, which is further away. Lots of people in the village send their children to the private schools so the catchment area isn't as tiny as it could be.

Heard very good things about Bessemer Grange recently (which is off Half Moon Lane, towards North Dulwich train station) - apparently it's really on the up and is now packed with middle-class/pushy (but nice!) parents (!?!).

Good luck!

JandTDulwich Sun 06-May-12 22:25:26

Thanks for the advice, all very useful and I will definitely check out Bessemer Grange as that's not one I have come across at all.

Rosnarun Thu 08-Aug-13 14:24:24

Hi just moved to Herne Hill, my daughter 8 would like to be a Girl Guide, any local brigades anyone knows of?

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