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MrsDobalina Wed 25-Jan-12 22:08:59

PM me if you'd like ours for free. We were given it by a neighbour and DD has just grown out of it and I was about to freecycle it. It's never been in an accident (but not that much different from using one from a cab firm I guess!). We don't have a car either but it was surprisingly useful.

MiauMau Thu 19-Jan-12 12:56:50

I'm in a bit bind, or at least I'll be pretty soon. I'm due next month and as we don't own a car, DP and I have decided not to buy a baby car seat and as our friends don't have children so, we can't borrow one
Do any of you lovely ladies know of a local cab company that has them and that can be booked in relatively short notice? We'll need to go from King's to Dulwich Village.

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