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donndini Mon 31-Oct-11 21:46:32


You may have seen a discussion on the East Dulwich Forum discussing the campaign I have started to save our very valuable Peckham Rye Park 1 o'clock club from closure.

Southwark council have cut the funding to maintain the club and it is under threat of closure. Many of us frequent users strongly feel it is a facility worth keeping open.

If you use the club or support the campaign, please look us up on face book, or reply to this thread with your feed back & comments.


Scarfmaker Wed 02-Nov-11 21:27:59

Hi, I've seen something on the EDF about the Peckham Rye one o'clock club but didn't realise it was threatened with closure. I thought Southwark had just put a lot of money into it e.g. refurbishing? Not sure, as I don't use it but it would be a shame to close as these places are a life saver for parents/carers.

I used Ruskin Park one o'clock for 10 years as a parent and childminder. This comes under Lambeth but is just on the border with Southwark. Over the years it was threatened with closure and we didn't think it would happen, but this summer it did.

A few parents/childminders went to the South London Press and a photo was published but it didn't help. I think once they've made up their mind about closing a facility that's it. Such a shame because as I said it was lifesaver and I can remember the Xmas parties we had there and just generally being able to access lots of activities for the kids which were all free.

Good luck with your campaign!

Scarfmaker Thu 03-Nov-11 23:08:55

Just seen report about this in today's Southwark News!

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