Nurseries in Denmark Hill / Peckham Rye for 6 month old - help!

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EasyP Mon 18-Jul-11 19:08:37

I will soon be moving to the area and will be returning to work in November. I'm hence under pressure to get my daughter on some waiting lists or find another option - but being new to the area have no idea where to start. I have no friends with kids living in this neck of the woods so any ideas / suggestions would be much appreciated and time is ticking!

I have looked into Mother Goose (Greendale) but think the location is too close to East Dulwich on a practical basis so may be tricky...(i will have to go from either peckham rye or denmark hill to get to work)

mrsbabookaloo Sat 23-Jul-11 22:43:41

Hi, just seen this. Our nursery, which my younger daughter is still at, and my older daughter also attended is Camberwell Grove Early Years. I can really recommend the care they give to the children there, though their organisation/communication is a little lacking! It's a really nice nursery with tons of outside space. The waiting list is long, but it seems quite random how things change and you can move up it quite quickly, especially if you're a squeaky wheel and keep ringing them!


loftyjen Wed 03-Aug-11 18:36:02

Might be worth double checking with the nurseries at Kings College Hospital. Preference is given to nhs workers, but pretty sure in the bumpf I've got about it (I work there so my daughter'll be going from Oct) if there are spare places then the local community can use them. It's got an outstanding ofsted inspection as well. HtH x

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