Did anyone use the ACU at King's Hospital to get pregnant?

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redwillow Thu 08-Sep-11 13:59:04

I had my son through ivf he is now 2 they offer. Great service but we did decide to pay as it was quicker I got pregnant first time round and it cost 8,500 but we did manage to get our gp to prescribe the medication which saved us another 700 so do ask your Gp if you take that route good luck

MrsHY1 Tue 22-Mar-11 17:49:55

After about six months of trying for a baby with no joy, and based on the fact I have a PCOS diagnosis already, not to mention VERY odd cycles, I'm being referred by my GP to King's assisted conception unit.
I spoke to someone there today, who told me my case would be reviewed and I would hear from them within the next three weeks.
I've pretty much diganosed myself as a perfect case for treatment with Clomid (!) but I was wondering whether any ladies on here went through the unit and/or received Clomid, and had any words of advice/tips/ etc.?
Thanks all!

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