Calling all New Forest Mummys

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JulieColan Thu 18-Mar-10 19:24:23

Hi Girls,

I've just moved to Lyndhurst from Haslemere with my husband and 6mth old baby boy. Sadly, I left behind my beloved NCT group and I'd love to meet other mummys in the area.

I hope to hear back soon.

LleytonsMummy Fri 19-Mar-10 15:30:42

Hi there I live about 15 min drive from you, I have a 26 mth old son and another son who is 5 at school...

Lindsey x

aarghhelp Sun 21-Mar-10 03:46:20

The NCT is active in the New Forest, we did a class and the mummies are still meeting up (my Ds is nearly 2). There were also coffee mornings locally - you could check via the NCT if those are still happening perhaps (I'm back at work now so not as much in the know about it).

Isis87 Sat 03-Jul-10 18:00:11

Hi, I am also in the new forest not far from you x

beancarrier Mon 02-Jul-12 19:58:16

hey im also in the new forest, im due in october and we are expecting a baby boy!! smile

YompingJo Sat 21-Jul-12 19:15:55

I'm in Southampton, due in October too, expecting an unco-operative child as it would not reveal whether it is a boy or girl!

PurplePidjin Sat 21-Jul-12 19:19:11

Another New Forester (well, right near the edge!) due a boy in early December. My first one, and I'd love to compare notes grin

Sassysingle Sat 06-Oct-12 21:34:42


I'm a train ride away from some of the Forest!

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