Anyone in Southampton fancy a coffee?

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TheSkiingGardener Sat 16-Apr-11 10:11:09

There is a small group of us meeting for coffee each Wedensday at 2 in the Mocha Marina coffee shop in Ocean Village.

We'd love to make it a bigger group so would be delighted to meet anyone who fancies a coffee and a natter.

TheSkiingGardener Fri 06-May-11 14:59:22

Bumpety bump bump

After Easter, holidays and goodness knows what else this is back on from next Wednesday, the 11th. Would love to meet anyone that fancies it.

clitorisorclitoraint Fri 06-May-11 15:19:20

I'm very tempted to come, although my 15mo DD is a right miss and whinges/grizzles if not constantly entertained!

Reckon I'll risk it smile

Carikube Fri 06-May-11 15:35:42

Tempted too though with 2 DDs still normally napping at that time, I'd be hard-pushed to make it sad

TheSkiingGardener Fri 06-May-11 16:21:02

They are very good there with my DS wandering about. I tend to bring books etc. for him and I may bring over a few toys.

Carikube we are normally there for at least an hour or two. What time do your two normally wake up by?

Carikube Fri 06-May-11 18:05:54

They wake anytime between 2 and 3 so if they were closer to 2 than 3 I would probably try and come over. Cos a manic 2yo and a really-frustrated-about-not-being-able-to-move-yet 1yo would add a bit of fun to proceedings grin

TheSkiingGardener Fri 06-May-11 20:55:11

They sound like they would liven things up!

I'll pm you my phone number, if you decide to head over text or call and we'll stick around

everynicknameistaken Sat 07-May-11 21:05:17

hi there, do any of you meet at weekends? im new in town and want to get to know ppl

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