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lucytoppin Fri 09-Apr-10 21:58:16

hey, im lucy, ive been living in south yorks for 2 years now and still dont really know anyone, i dont drive and am finding it difficult to meet people, would love to have some of you to exchange chats and thoughts with xx

GoldenSnitch Sat 10-Apr-10 21:50:25

I'm originally from Doncaster. I don't live there anymore but my family do still and we come back for visits occasionally. I lived there till I was 18.

I know you're probably looking for friends who live in Doncaster but I thought I'd come and keep you company until someone turns up

bekki24 Mon 24-May-10 21:57:19

hi, lucy.
i live in balby and don't have any friends around here. I don't drive and with a double pushchair and 2 demanding chilren i struggle to get around....where in doncaster are you,

isobelsmom Fri 11-Jun-10 17:34:46

Hi Bekki and Lucy, I am in Balby, My eldest is 10 and youngest is 3! Fancy a trip to the park (lol) Seems about all I do these days!

bekki24 Wed 07-Jul-10 19:44:01

i'm up for going to park (sounds desperate) I need to meet other mums an d gain friends for 21/2 year old.

Ibbysmum Fri 09-Jul-10 11:40:30

Hi Bekki I too am Becky!! Are you anywhere near Westfield Park? I am on Littlemoor Lane so its just a few mins walk for me! I will check on here later if you manage to get on and maybe we could meet up at the park and let the girls run riot (so to speak!)

Ibbysmum Fri 09-Jul-10 11:41:24

ooo have name changed, just so you don't think its a different person (was isobelsmom)

bekki24 Mon 12-Jul-10 13:16:54

ha ha, what a coincidance i was actually at westfield park when you left that message. the little one is actually a boy. have got a busy week but wed or fri afternoon looks good (weather permitting). i must forewarn you though i'm quite shy but i will try. hopefully here from you soon and look forward to having an adult to chat with whilst out with kids.

bekki24 Tue 13-Jul-10 09:44:14

any time friday i meant

Ibbysmum Tue 13-Jul-10 10:17:47

Lol, that'l teach me to read properly, don't know why i thought yr ds was a dd!! Yea Friday sounds good to me, if its not throwing it down! I shall come on early friday morning and see if we can arrange to meet at the park, Wouldn't worry about being shy, I'm sure we'l have a laugh whilst the kids play! Take care and hopefully meet up on Friday!

bekki24 Tue 13-Jul-10 12:44:34

oki doki !!!!!!!!!

bekki24 Sat 17-Jul-10 13:41:14

hi becky, didn't hear from you yesterday (obviously you know that already) i hope everything is ok. I'll keep my eyes peeled for any messages you post. Hopefully speak with you soon. confused

Ibbysmum Sun 18-Jul-10 09:58:43

Hi Bekki, so sorry I didn't get on friday morning, Isobel was ill during the night and we got to sleep at around half 5 in the morning, wasn't awake til lunchtime! Will check the weather for this week and come back to see whats best for you (I can do anyday, tho pm is better for me,) Any days you can't do?

Ibbysmum Sun 18-Jul-10 15:22:15

If you are on Fb and want to msg me on there instead my email is rl _ wilkinson76 @ yahoo dot co dot uk

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