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bekki24 Tue 13-Jul-10 09:43:28

I have a 2 yr old and a 11month old. the eldest began going to a childminder 10 hours per week and has become a real nightmare. I must stress i don't believe that her influence has made him like this,but more the emotional affect of going with any childminder. she is highly qualified and the cracks were begining to appear when he joined a nursery previously which i felt wasn't right for him. He is very happy to go and is improving educationally. He has began hitting and biting (very hard) my baby. He has tantrums and has stopped telling me when he's pooed. HE WILL NOT LISTEN anymore which is getting frustrating. I am very posotive with him and he is not jelous of the baby (we got the baby first) he absoloutly adores him and is very affectionate but should i answer door or nip to loo he bites him. I got advice from hv and thought this was working but coincided with the childminder having a holiday and when he returned his behaviour changed.PLEASE OFFER ANY ADVICE.sad

sophiedaw Mon 24-Jan-11 21:38:50

i had a very similar prob with my son whom had been with my childminder since 5 months old,however she had her own son whom had problems with behaviour she had her hands full!i had noticed a change in the childminders behaviour and the enviroment he was being left in (i have since removed him from her care)i kept a diary of the day before he went the day and day after, it help to read back on what was going on my mood his mood any problems what was happening those days as i thought it may be something i had done without realising, it does sound like an age and stage problem but i believe in trusting you gut feeling,id keep a close eye on all thats happening and see if you can narrow it down a bit, it worked for me,have you spoken to the childminder to see if shes had any problems it could be something small such as something not being done or done a bit differently. i hope this helps good luck.

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