Any french speakers in or near Taunton?

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EEC Thu 31-Jan-08 10:15:30

I am currently living in Brittany with family (have been here for a year), but we are moving back to UK in April. I am really keen that the children keep up their french. (DS11, DD10) Are there any french speaking children around that we could get together with, and/or a french speaking adult who could give 'converstion' classes to them once a week?

Any suggestions gratefully accepted.

EEC Thu 20-Mar-08 18:06:37


cameroonmama Thu 20-Mar-08 20:01:40

Hello there EEC, I'm bumping for you, but first want to say congrats on your big news -You can run but you can't hide wink wink

EEC Thu 20-Mar-08 20:32:20

Heh there cameroonmama - not hiding anymore! Not that suprised by our good news I expect. I blame you (well J anyway!)

cameroonmama Mon 24-Mar-08 16:00:27

Just back from safari - with a major lion incident, dh in his element wink

Ha ha, blaming me, it all started with you, if we hadn't had such a good holiday there would be no J grin He is still such a poppet. And no, not surprised, just delighted for you grin What do dd and ds think? When are you moving back? How are you feeling?

Sorry to hijack your thread. Hope someone comes up with some French answers soon...

darcymum Wed 02-Dec-09 13:49:00

I know it is almost two years later but did you find French speakers because I would like to meet some too.

silverimp Sat 09-Oct-10 14:32:05

Hello, or Bonjour!

I am new to Mumsnet and have just seen this message thread. I am due March 2011. I am a French language tutor not too far from Taunton.

I wondered how you all got on with your French interest and what your experiences have been. I want to keep my language up. I will just be speaking English (we're English) to my little one but am interested in some French words, experiences, holidays for them. Any thoughts?

Let me know - Thanks

Goodreads Mon 01-Nov-10 16:06:02

Helen, my daughter, can help. She already assists other school-aged children.
Alert me on if you need her help.
And welcome to Taunton. A French food market comes quite often to the town centre. That should make you feel at home.

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