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CaterhamMusicwithMummy Mon 02-May-16 20:24:32

Hello Taunton mummies,

My husband and I currently live in London and are relocating to Taunton with our two young girls. We've seen a few houses for sale that we're keen on but are a bit stumped about finally deciding on which area... One house is in the Blackbrook estate (our favourite house), the other in Hillyfields. Can anyone give any advice on what it's like to live in either area? Both look pretty safe and nice, but I'm thinking the Blackbrook would have more families like us as the Hillyfields seemed to have older, retired people.

Any advice would be so useful in helping us make our decision!

Also, I'm aware that it's going to be difficult to get the girls into Blackbrook Primary. If that's the case, does anyone have any experience of Holway Primary?

Many thanks Marie

Christabelpankhurst Wed 04-May-16 13:15:33

We looked at Hillyfields last year, lovely houses and the path at the bottom of the estate takes you straight into town. But the house we viewed had a note up on the back door saying "please remember to lock this, we don't want another burglary." That put us off that house.

Blackbrook is very family friendly - there's a big sports centre, and a new swimming pool due to open soon.
No idea about Holway school or Blackbrook, sorry!

EveryCloudhasl Thu 02-Jun-16 12:16:57

I live in Taunton. Blackbrook is a nice area to be in, lots of families and quiet yet close to everything you need. Blackbrook primary has a good reputation and wouldn't of thought it would be that difficult to get into living within the catchment.
Hillyfields and holway primary are (in my opinion) pretty average. Nothing spectacular yet haven't heard anything bad about them. Good luck with your move smile

EveryCloudhasl Thu 02-Jun-16 12:18:31

And apologies just realised this thread is like a month old so your probably all sorted now anyway. Am new to this mumsnet malarkey haha x

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