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Mummygannon Sun 05-Jul-15 21:39:44

Hi everyone, we're planning to move to portishead from South West London over the Summer and think We've found a house to rent that we love. However we are concerned about schools as it is in the catchment area for High Down Junior School which has an Ofsted rating 3 (requires improvement). However the assessment was from 2.5 yrs ago and things can change. I believe they've got a new head teacher and we're due to visit them next week to see for ourselves. Does anyone here know anything about the school (either by reputation or have children who attend there). I'd love to know what local opinion about it is. Thanks everyone x

MyAngels Tue 07-Jul-15 13:00:35

My DD goes to High Down Juniors (currently in Yr3) and my son is in the infants next door.
Yes the Juniors has had some issues in the past (teaching standards, bullying being poorly dealt with, disorganisation..) and the current head is not popular with the parents (IME), but the infant and junior governors have joined in a Federation and the infant school head will become the Federated school head and she is a million times more on the ball than the current junior head (who will be deputy). Lots of reorganisations are likely, but the schools will be kept separate still and not merged. However the kids seem very happy at the Juniors and don't notice the disorganisation as the parents do. Don't worry too much, its on the up (I hope!)

Am happy to chat in more detail about it all with you if you want to PM me.

And welcome to Portishead - its the best place to live - I could go on and on about how fab it is!


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